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JK Clothing has been supplying school wear to the schools in the North and South Tyneside areas for almost 20 years. As well as embroidered products for specific schools we also supply a full range of non specific school wear, including blazers, trousers, skirts, shirts and blouses,badges and ties. We also supply a range of school shoes, plimsolls and football boots.

We recently set up an embroidery section to give us more flexibility with our embroidery requirements and also to facilitate the setting up of a workwear section within the business.

We now sell an extensive range of work wear including Hi Viz coats and waistcoats, beauty wear, hospital and care worker clothing and a full range of safety footwear. Apart from the items we keep in stock, we can also supply at very short notice bulk orders and other items not normally stocked but available to us from the many suppliers we use.



JK Clothing have been supplying school wear in the South Tyneside area for 21 years.

We supply badged school wear to 12 Primary Schools and 5 Secondary Schools and non-badged school wear for all of the other schools in the area.

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Embroidery & Printing Services

JK Clothing use a full-colour computerised embroidery facility that allows us greater flexibility in the production of badged school products and has also given us the opportunity to move into other areas where embroidered garments are used, such as workwear and corporate wear.

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From Hi Vis wear to work trousers and boiler suits; our range was quickly expanded to include ladies’ beauty and healthcare tunics and an extensive range of safety footwear. Our current range is growing rapidly and is constantly being added to at our customers’ behest.

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